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Here’s Some Specs For The Nintendo Switch

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It has been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch WILL have proper online services! This will allow players to participate in online gaming with friends all around the world. The Switch will also have Smart Device integration which will allow players to use their phone tablets for a bunch of things including setting up ‘Play Appointments’ with their friends!

The Nintendo Switch will have 3 different gaming modes:

  1. TV Mode- where you play with the switch plugged into your home TV with either the Joy-Cons or the PRO controllers.
  2. Table Top Mode- best for playing with friends. You have one Joy-Con while you’re friend has the other as you duke it out on the handheld screen literally anywhere you want!
  3. Handheld Mode- Where (as you can probably guess) you play with the Joy-Cons attached to the side for those long trips or waiting in line.

One of the best features that is sure to make every gamer happy is that the Nintendo Switch will be getting rid of region locking! Thats right, Region Free baby!

The battery life for the Switch while unplugged from the TV is confirmed to be 2.5 to 6,5 hours depending on use and games and what not. That’s not bad at all.

Local multiplayer will definitely be a thing. The Nintendo Switch will allow gamers to meet up with their best friends and play games with up to 8 Switch’s connected for local multiplayer gaming. Players will be able to try out the online services for free after launch but starting later in the year they will become a paid subscription just like Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus.

Now on to the amazing Joy-Cons. Not only are they a sleek controller that can be split in half and shared with your friends, but they can also scan Amiibos with the reader in the lower right corner. The Joy-Cons also have the ability to take screenshots of the game you’re playing so you can share them with your friends (eventually you’ll be able to take video as well).

The Joy-Con’s will follow in the path of the Wii and will also act as motion controllers which opens up a whole new door of uses for the tiny wonders. Not only that but they will also feature something called ‘HD Rumble’. The example they gave for that is that if you’re shaking a glass with an ice cube in it, you will feel the ice cube like it’s inside the Joy-Con clattering around.

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