Here’s Six Minutes Of Metal Gear Survive

We’ve got a new six-minute video that showcases more gameplay from upcoming Metal Gear Survive, the first post-Kojima Metal Gear title from Konami. Completely shaking up the formula of the established franchise, this title seeks to move the series to another dimension where zombies are real and you need to survive against them, all the while crafting and scavenging for supplies.

Unfortunately, after watching this video, it’s sad to see that it looks like the developers have decided to reuse the environments found in Metal Gear Solid V, so I’m feeling a bit less optimistic after seeing this. I’ve heard from first-hand encounters that the gameplay is fun, so I’ll hold out a verdict until I get to try the open beta which is scheduled for January 18 – 21.

Metal Gear Survive will be out on February 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.