Metroid Dread

Here’s Our Best Look at Metroid Dread Yet

Before continuing, I’m putting up a spoiler warning for the latest Metroid Dread trailer as it’s got some things fans might not want to see if they plan on going in with no knowledge.

In less than a month, we’re getting a new Metroid game from Nintendo and has done a stellar job at communicating the series on social media. Periodically, if you check in on Nintendo, the company posts summaries of races, plot points, and more that do a good job at catching up with newcomers while giving fans a refresher.

We get a good look at several enemy types, some of the new location, and the new meschanics we’ll be using next month. I’m pretty stoked that we’re getting a new Metroid game but even mor ecstatic that it’s partially ideas they team had from years ago and are finally able to bring forth those ideas thanks to the tech we have these days.