Here’s Genshin Impact Running Natively on PlayStation 5

Genshin Impact

After confirming that Genshin Impact was coming to PlayStation 5 on April 28 last week, we now have footage of the game running natively and it sure looks good!

PlayStation 5 owners can expect 4K resolution, enhanced textures, and faster loading times and that’s exactly what I want from the native version as the game is excellent already, it just needs the extra horsepower of the PS5 to make it shine even more.

This new video features roughly eight minutes of footage running on current-gen hardware and it looks like the wait was worth the extra time needed to create an enhanced port for PlayStation 5. Teyvat has never looked better and the extra details make the world feel more immersive and vivid. miHoYo has worked on developing functions that utilize the hardware effectively including creating a graphics library from the ground up, and a customized file-loading system to take advantage of the PS5’s SSD.

Traversing the open-world and the various domains with Genshin Impact means on this new hardware, the journey is much smoother and with the new file-loading system and SSD, teleporting from one location to another takes mere seconds now. The DualSense support is also a huge bonus as the developer is working on redesigning controller support to reach full potential.

Lastly, an exclusive feature for PlayStation 5 users is hidden on Qingyun Peak, you’ll need to check it out as it has received a makeover so be sure to check it out!


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