Goldeneye 007 HD

Here’s a Longplay of the Canceled Goldeneye 007 Xbox Port

Like many of you, I spent a lot of time playing Rare’s Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64, going so far as to gather each Saturday at my friend’s house and play deep into Sunday morning. This went on for a long time in our neighbourhood and but it’s some of the best memories I have. Seeing this cancelled port serves as a reminder of how much fun the series is and it’s a shame we’ve not seen a decent 007 game since in years. That all may change now that IO Interactive is working on a new game.

The story is that back in 2008, a port of Goldeneye 007 was in the work for Xbox Live Arcade. This project was in development with Microsoft, Activision, and seemingly Nintendo’s approval and according to Video Games Chronicle, the deal fell through and the remake was cancelled. Graslu00, the one who revealed the new footage but couldn’t say where it was from, recorded the footage shown in the article.

When pressed about the footage, the modder declines to speak about it but he mentions that it was accessible via Xbox software PartnerNet.

Gradlu00 is a known Goldeneye 007 modder and his video is almost two hours of footage. As you see, it is the single-player campaign with all the familiar sights including the Dam, right into Cradle with Bond’s showdown against Trevelyan.

It’s a pretty cool leak and a shame we never got this remake.