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Here Are Your Free PlayStation Plus Titles For August

I’m half in and half out with this month’s offering to PlayStation Plus subscribers. While big games like Mafia III and Dead by Daylight are substantal games to get for free, they aren’t particularly good, and I haven’t gone back to finish either game since their launch.

The rest of the list is alright, and there is something for every gamer on the list. Summer months are usually barren for games, so seeing these slim pickings confirms it is dry season. If anything, check out the list for yourself and see what fits your tastes, otherwise add them to your library for when you’re in a gaming drought and unsure of what to play.

  • Mafia III – PS4
  • Dead by Daylight – PS4
  • Bound by Flame – PS3
  • Serious Sam 3 BFE – PS3
  • Draw Slasher – PS Vita
  • Space Hulk – PS Vita