Light No Fire

Hello Games Reveals Light No Fire

Hello Games’ Sean Murray joined Geoff Keighley on stage today to reveal the next game from the studio.

Titled Light No Fire, the latest from Hello Games, is a survival sandbox title set on a procedurally generated Earth. During today’s interview, Murray said the planet’s size is roughly comparable to the real Earth’s.

“For our new game, we wanted to create an earth,” Sean Murray reveals. “A planet that is as varied as a universe. Something bigger than Earth. Something with real mountains, not videogame mountains, but mountains that are miles high, taller than Everest, that when you climb to the top of them and look out, you can see rivers and canyons and continents. You can see oceans.”

When asked by Keighley if Light No Fires was an open world, Murray said. “Something without boundaries. And we’re going to let everyone play in it together. It’s a place where people can live out their adventures together.”

There seems to be a heavy focus on survival mechanics and the need to explore this massive world. We can also see combat in the trailer above and various players meeting up to play together. Light No Fire seems like a big change from No Man’s Sky, a title that the studio has supported with frequent updates over the last several years.

There is no release window at the moment.