Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Shows Off Galactic War Feature In New Trailer

War has changed... on the Galactic scale

With weeks away from Helldivers 2‘s launch, PlayStation and the game’s developer, Arrowhead, have released a beefy more than four-minute trailer that gives players a good overview of the game and details the game’s Galactic War feature, which allows the titular Helldivers to go on missions through the game’s familiar-looking War Table from your ship in-game.

Players can watch conflict unfold, but when a planet is selected, players and their squad mates can get into the action by taking on the game’s bug-like enemies, the Termininds. It doesn’t end there as the enemy you take on to liberate a planet isn’t limited to fleshy organics as you’ll also have to deal with the mechanical ones called Automatons. In addition, you’ll be tasked with taking on rewardful smaller objectives, like wiping out enemy nests or acquiring essential data and more. Doing this helps the galactic-wide war effort and goal to wipe out the enemy for the Helldiver 2‘s community.

Helldivers 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the 2015 PlayStation original that will play as elite soldiers who went through “very thorough” training and are described as “the true heroes of Super Earth.” These soldiers are cryogenically frozen until needed on the frontlines in the name of “Freedom and Managed Democracy.” the weapons in their arsenal include a lethal array of stratagems and weaponry to defend its colonizers and liberate planets from enemy forces. Enemies won’t be your only obstacles, but each planet’s elements, including many environmental hazards on the surface of alien worlds.

Helldivers  2 was officially announced in May last year and is a PlayStation exclusive set to launch day-and-date for the first time on PC and PS5 on February 8th.