Helldivers 2

Here’s A Look At Helldivers 2 Co-Op And Combat

Helldivers 2 launches on PS5 and PC this year

Arrowhead Game Studios took over the PlayStation Blog earlier today to detail some changes coming to Helldivers 2.

I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t know much about one of the exclusives coming to PlayStation 5 later this year, as the studio only recently revealed the game to the public. Thankfully, Katherine Baskin, the community manager at Arrowhead Game Studios, shed light on the sequel.

“Creating your loadout feels like part of the mission prep: changing your weapon to suit not only your appetite for destruction but the mission and enemy types you might encounter,” says Baskin. “Your greatest aids as a Helldiver are stratagems: powerful tools that can be summoned with short button combinations. Everything from airstrikes to Hellpods containing bigger, badder weapons to defensive gear and extra supplies are at your fingertips.”

When selecting stratagems, you must coordinate with your team to ensure the best load-outs for enemies and missions. Facing an armoured enemy like the Teminid Charger means you’ll need armour-piercing weapons like the AT-48 Recoilless Rifle or the AC-8 Autocannon, each offering teammate-assisted reloads.

Other Helldivers on your team can use a shield generator to protect the team while enemies swarm. In a four-person team, you can mix and match stratagems to make the most out of any scenario by calling support stratagems that include weapons, shield generators, and supply backpacks.

And because everyone plays differently, you can have one player using the sniper rifle stratagem while another player sneaks past enemies.

You’ll also be reminded that friendly fire is turned on in Helldivers 2. Ensuring you’re mindful of your surroundings and the enemies around you will save your team from unnecessary death, but if someone dies by mistake, you can pick up any guns left from your corpse.

Helldivers 2 launches on PS5 and PC this year.