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Heavenstrike Rivals And Full Metal Alchemist Kick Off Epic Collab

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Square Enix’s beloved RPG, Heavenstrike Rivals is hosting an awesome, in-game collaboration on PC (Steam) and Mobile devices. From now until June 8th, players can play a game of ‘gatcha’ featuring characters from the anime ‘Full Metal Alchemist’!

A collaboration raid has also opened up, and players can obtain “Hohenheim,” the mysterious man, as a reward when defeating the homunculus. A special battle backdrop was newly created for this collaboration.

Until the end of today, players will be able to take part in a collaboration event quest in which Lan Fan, a bodyguard serving the Xing Empire in FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, will drop as a reward for completing a quest.

Heavenstrike Rivals is available on Steam for the PC, on the Google Play Store for Android, and on the Apple Store for iOS.