Hawken Reborn

Hawken Reborn Announced for PC

505 Games is launching free-to-play first-person shooter Hawken Reborn for PC in Early Access on May 17.

Set in the world of Illal, a planet that was once meant to be a utopia, it is now a planet ruined by corporate greed. With the planet poisoned, the atmosphere led to the birth of Giga, a nanite plague that has all but destroyed half the planet.

You’ll have to pilot a mech and face the dangers of Illal while doing your best to restore the planet and unlock the resources to stop the troubles ahead.

Within the Hawken universe, you’ll have to face warring factions, greedy corporations, and more on Illal. The idea behind Hawken Reborn is visceral combat where you’ll use the deadliest weapons to dominate opponents.

Additionally, there will be Radio Missions to earn scrip and upgrade your mech, but you need to be careful when exploring the planet as it’ll cost you whatever you’ve collected if you fail in the wild.

Hawken Reborn lands into Early Access on May 17.