Fortnite-Like HAWKED Is Now In Global Open Beta

IF you have the appetite to stomach another online PvPvE extraction shooter, Amsterdam’s MY.GAMES is looking for you!

Today, they’ve launched an in-depth look at HAWKED, a new PvPvE extraction shooter in free PC Open Beta until August 17th. 

Today’s video shared above takes potential players through a playthrough, showing off the finer details.

Things start with the hub and world maps, set on a massive submarine and a vaguely Polynesian-looking island.

The goal here is to work with your squad [stylized as Renegades] to collect five glyphs from across the island, open a vault and extract them before expiring. 

At your disposal are several guns, melee weapons, and “The Traverser”- a multi-function grapple gun used for traversal and combat.

The neat part about the Glyphs is that they are gained either by engaging in combat with creatures of the island or by solving puzzles, so the experience differs as your go along. 

Also, artifacts scattered around the island can be collected and traded in when back on the sub.

HAWKED launches today with a free Renegade Pass, of which the rewards will carry over into the game’s full launch.