Life Simulator Harvestella Announced

If you’re looking for a new farming sim, then Harvestella should be on your radar. Announced earlier today during the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, Square Enix is working on a game that combines life, farming, and battling into one game.

Players wake up in the middle of Quietus, a calamity that changes with each season while threatening all life. Crops wither and death prevents people from venturing outside and the calamity grows longer each season.

Set on a planet with four giant crystals known as the Seaslight, one day the crystals begin to behave abnormally. creating thr Quietus — the season of death. Your character is a traveller who collapses in an isolated village where a girl named Aria, claiming to be from the future, offers to help reveal the truth of this world

The Square Enix blog has an entire post dedicated to Harvetella, where the team reveals a lot of information about the game.

Harvestella arrives on Nintendo Switch and PC on November 4, 2022.