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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Arriving On PS4 May 29

It has been twenty years since the first time we wielded our farming equipment and tending the fields in Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition will be arriving on PS4 on May 29 and it will feature all of the gameplay moments that fans of the series love. It will also cater to newcomers of the franchise for them to see what makes it loved by so many gamers around the world. The inclusion of a new tool system sounds so refreshing as players will no longer have to go through their bag to select the right tool for the task. If players approach a plant, the game will know that it needs to be watered, and stone will be struck when approached. This feature will remove one of the most tedious aspects of gameplay and players will greatly appreciate it. You will also be able to discover new crops with the mutation system and a new co-operative mode will let friends jump in as a sprite and tend to their animals, plant seeds, or water their crops.

Feeling the need to get away from the stress of the city, you decide to take a relaxing boat excursion, only to be swept away in a storm! When you wake up, you discover you’ve landed on an island that’s been decimated by recent storms, and largely abandoned. Even the iconic island lighthouse has lost its magical glow. Will you stay, work the land, bring life and villagers back, and become the island’s Light of Hope? With no time limit, players have the freedom to explore open-ended gameplay, while following storied character development and quest-driven progression. The pace at which you play Light of Hope is totally up to you!