Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut Will Launch This April

The Slow Bros.-developed Harold Halibut will launch on April 16, as revealed at today’s Future Game Show Spring Showcase. It will launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on Xbox and PC Game Pass and PC.

“Having a release date is incredible and surreal to us! It represents the end of an era: The marathon of bringing this dream of ours to light. Now we can’t wait to see how it stirs players, what it makes them feel, reminds them of in their lives and maybe inspires them to do. Everyone finally gets to puppeteer Harold through this miniature world that shows our literal fingerprints which we built for them,” says developer Slow Bros.

Harold Halibut is a story about friendship and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean. The ark, which fled Earth due to the growing Cold War, has lived on the spaceship for 250 years, searching for a habitable planet to ensure humanity’s survival.

Harold is a lab assistant to scientist Jeanne Mareaux. While most residents have come to terms with living underwater, Harold and Mareaux are working hard to find a way to get the spaceship out of the water and onto a planet.

One day, Harold has a strange encounter that takes him to a new world, which may help Mareaux find a new home for the spaceship’s residents.

The stop-motion used to develop Harold Halibut was made with 3D-scanned physical models. Everything in-game was made using classic sculpting and modelmaking