We Happy Few Jumps In Price Next Week

It’s been a long-standing practice for Early Access titles on Steam to at some point raise their prices the closer the game gets to retail release. DayZ is a notable example of this. We Happy Few is a psychedelic survival title from Compulsion Games and is currently set at $32.99 on Steam come August 16, the game will bump up in price to around $64 CAD.

We will explain everything in more detail on the 16th. As you can imagine, there is more to the story, and we are looking forward to sharing all the juicy details with you. We always do our best to be transparent with you guys, so we felt it was important to provide this pricing information with ample time for you to make a decision. And, just to be clear, if you are a Kickstarter backer or Early Access player, this change does not affect you.

There will be an update on August 16 dubbed “The Life in Technicolour,” and the update features new Joy effects as well as a brand new UI (still WIP), AI rework and much more. Look forward to the update video on the 16th!

I’ve been looking forward to the final product as it’s been on my radar but a lot of initial impressions convinced me to wait until the final product.