Happy Birthday Resident Evil!


20 years ago today, Capcom released the very first Resident Evil game which opened gamer’s eyes to a whole new world of survival horror in video games. With classic moments like seeing the very first zombie, eerily turn its head towards you and looking away from its decaying dinner or the zombie dog smashing a window at the end of a spooky hallway.

Since the beginning on March 22nd 1996, Resident Evil went on to become one of the most important video game franchises of all time. Video game sales have have sold over 66 million copies worldwide, not to mention the merchandise, attractions, and feature length movies that have stemmed from them.

To celebrate the huge milestone, Capcom will be releasing tons of behind the scenes material such as developer interviews with commentary from members who have played a vital role in getting the franchise to where it is today. Join them as they go back to when the survival horror hit began and its impact over the years. The first in the series of interviews is available for download now from here.

The team has content and surprises planned over the course of the next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary so make sure to follow Capcom’s social media pages for more news on whats to come.