Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s Co-op Campaign Begins Beta Testing Next Month

Halo Infinite launched with the co-op campaign mode fans of the series have come to expect the series. The aforementioned mode was delayed a few times and the multiplayer has been turbulent since launching. This isn’t even mentioning Forge Mode not being included when the game hit retail back in December.

Fans have been vocal about Halo Infinite over the last several months, there have been a lot of ups and downs and the game has certainly seen better days. Now, 343 Industries is looking to change things up by launching a flight test in July to beta test the campaign co-op mode.

To join, you’ll need to be a Halo Insider with sign-ups available on Halo Waypoint. If you’re selected, invites will begin to roll out in July and the full release is expected to happen sometime later this year.

Many fans of the series have been eager to play the campaign with a friend and the mode has been a staple since the original Halo launched in 2001. Infinite has served as a new starting point for the series — one that has been mostly received well from the community. However, the lack of co-op and Forge Mode have made a lot of fans eager for their inclusion and they are pretty vocal about the missing modes on social media.

Back in April, 343 Industries revealed a roadmap for Season 2 content and beyond and fans were quick to spot some exciting things coming including the option to replay campaign missions and an open beta for Forge Mode in September.