Halo Infinite

Halo: The Endless Trademark Discovered

With Halo Infinite’s campaign now out and available, Microsoft has more in the works, aside from the free-to-player Infinite multiplayer component.

An application was filed on December 3 as noticed by Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter, before being updated on December 7. Unfortunately, what this trademark is referring to us is currently unknown. It could be anything under the sun at this point in time. A listing makes reference to over a dozen potential products but what did stand out is it may be tied to films and television. On the one hand, it could be something like an expansion while on the other hand, a trademark could also mean nothing. That’s sort of what the magic of a trademark does – serving as a placeholder in case an idea does move forward in some cases.

Thankfully, Halo fans have a lot of things to keep them preoccupied for now with the campaign and multiplayer for Halo Infinite out now and available on Xbox Game Pass. Multiplayer, in particular, has been an exciting time for millions of people who are actively playing, even if the game’s battle pass has left people unsatisfied. 34 Industries has been working at making amends and addressing the valid complaints regarding how progression works — last week, the developers fine-tuned how much experience was doled out after a match.


Later tonight, we’ll get our first official trailer for Paramount’s Halo television series, starring Pablo Schreiber as Master Cheif.