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Halo Infinite Update for June 2021, First Season Titled ‘Heroes of Reach’

Every month for the last six months, 343 Industries has been dropping new information on that state of Halo Infinite.
You think after a successful E3 and a multiplayer overview trailer from 343 that we’d be done for the month, right?  In this month’s Inside Infinite blog post, the Halo Waypoint team sat down with a few members of the Live team at 343 Industries to go over Seasons, Events and more.


Cadet orange armour coating

This is a familiar concept if you have been playing any live service game in the past couple of years. Every few months, new content gets released for the game and perhaps a new map, theme, weapons, etc and this seems true about Halo Infinite. Ryan Paradis (Live Team Design Director, Halo Infinite) says to expect a new season roughly every three months, and for it to come with a ton of new content, updates, events, customization options and more. Will it be difficult to unlock this new content? Chris Blohm (Lead Progression Designer, Halo Infinite) mentions their goal is to ensure players are having fun with their new seasons, and not have to “grind like it’s a job” to unlock the content.


Details are a little scarce but 343 Industries seems to confirm that Events are essential activities players can partake in to unlock rewards. Not sure what constitutes rewards but the one example 343 Industries provides is unlocking the Yoroi armour which was shown in their multiplayer overview. More details to be shared in the next couple of months.

Yoroi Armour featured in the Multiplayer Overview trailer

Battle Pass

We’ve already tackled the topic of Battle Pass but 343 Industries really wants you to know they are putting players first. This is why the Battle Pass in Halo Infinite never expires.
Let’s say a player joins Halo Infinite in Season 3. They will still have the ability to unlock items from the Season 1 or Season 2 Battle Pass, “No strings attached.”

Halo Waypoint vNext

Halo Waypoint

With Halo Infinite right around the corner, 343 Industries has been going over ways to improve the Waypoint experience for its players.

It looks like this refresh is mostly visual rather than player experience. Their main goal is essentially to make the website feel more modern and increase functionality and Accessibility. Don’t worry, Halo Waypoint will still track progression, give you the ability to customize your Spartan on the go and so much more.

Halo Waypoint Companion App

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