Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview

After a successful Xbox + Bethesda E3 showcase yesterday, 343 Industries released a blog post on Halo Waypoint announcing that they have more information to share about Halo Infinite and its multiplayer. One of which is a multiplayer deep dive that is now live.

We already know that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free to play, and will include cross-play and cross progression.­­. But let us get into the nitty-gritty. Here is everything you missed regarding Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

Equipment is back! – sort of

It appears equipment from Halo 3 is making its return in Halo Infinite. As shown in the original multiplayer trailer and today’s overview, we got a glimpse of the Threat Sensor, Drop Wall, Repulsor and the Grappleshot.

Threat Sensor – An item that you throw like a grenade to unveil enemies in a specific radius.

Drop Wall – Think the Bubble Shield from Halo 3, but only protects you north of where it was thrown. Attackers can fire at the wall to break through and create spots to expose the enemy. So keep in mind you only have protection for a short period of time.

Repulsor – The user can reflect any projectile or whatever comes at them from the opposing Spartan.

Grappleshot – You’re basically Spider-Man. You can use the Grappleshot to traverse the map, retrieve weapons and powerups, even hijack someone’s ride from the sky!

Halo Equipment

It is unclear how long each item can last or be used.

They have also made changes to the Overshield and Camouflage. Instead of both being instant use, the player now has the option to activate the powerups whenever they choose, whether it’s in the heat of battle, or sneaking into a base to capture the flag. Beware, if you are killed holding a powerup, you drop it. Thus, making it available to other players on the battlefield. Think of it like any other power weapon!

Spartan Academy

This is a training ground for those who are new to the franchise, or those who just want to brush up on their skills. Whether it is to improve your mobility or to get better with the Battle Rifle– you can join the academy led by Spartan Commander Laurette to get better at the game.

Spartan Academy

Personalized A.I., Player customization, Battle Pass, and RIP Red vs Blue?

This time around players can choose their own A.I. in multiplayer. This A.I will feature different voices, personalities, and aid you while in battle. Your personal A.I. will notify and provide you with tips on what you can do to help your fellow Spartans.

Along with personalizing your A.I., you can also personalize your Spartan just like in previous Halo entries. However, this time around it seems as though there will be a LOT more options to make your Spartan unique. The same goes for weapons and vehicles. But how do you obtain different skins? Well, first off there will be no loot boxes or any random loot. 343 wants to make it clear to the player how they can unlock customizable content and there are a couple of ways to do so:

Battle Pass – 343 is taking a slightly different approach with Battle Pass vs competing titles. They are giving the player the option to purchase previous Battle Passes regardless of what Season the game is in. You can also choose what Battle Pass to put your progression towards! As someone who always misses out on Battle Pass content, this puts a smile on my face!

Events – Unclear if this is an in-game event or a date on the calendar but players will also have the option to unlock content by just putting time into the game.

Spartan customization

Once you are ready to customize your Spartan, you can do so in-game or on HaloWaypoint or the Halo Waypoint app.

With all this customization… how will it look in-game? One thing I have noticed is the lack of Red vs Blue (no, not the Rooster Teeth comedy). In previous Halo titles, every team mode was split into Red or Blue Spartans. Will all the customization and gameplay being shown, it seems as though they are getting rid of the classic Red vs Blue colour scheme. Instead, 343 has opted for a Red/Blue player outline as shown in the image below. I think this is great since 343 is making a big push for player customization, but I do wonder how it will affect the flow of the game, or from an accessibility standpoint.

Red vs Blue I guess?

There is so much 343 fit into a 15 minute deep dive but I feel we have only scratched the surface. A multiplayer beta, or as they say a “pre-release technical preview”, will be coming this summer. If you would like to partake in the technical preview, you can sign up as a Halo Insider on Halo Waypoint, and cross your fingers!

Halo Infinite is set to drop this Holiday season on Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. You can play it on day one on Xbox Game Pass.