Halo Infinite Multiplayer is Free-to-Play, up to 120 FPS Support

Since revealing a small slice of the Halo Infinite campaign last week, fans have been mixed on what we were shown. For some, the game looked unpolished and left something to be desired, but 343 Industries has let it be known that they are going for the original trilogy aesthetic and that’s exactly why the game looks like it does. I’m all for it after hearing the developer out on their choices.

Each Halo game is like Call of Duty, you get a narrative campaign that was boxed with the meaty multiplayer everyone wanted. Except up until last week, the word was Halo Infinite would launch with no multiplayer, leaving many worried and ready to duck out. You shouldn’t have one without the other I believe, and so too, does 343, it seems. The Verge reported that an Irish retailer, Smyth Toys Superstores listed the upcoming game with the phrase, “groundbreaking free-to-play multiplayer.”

Now, 343 Industries has flat out confirmed the news, as Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be free to play and supports 120 FPS. Pretty sweet, I must say.