Halo Infinite Lone Wolves

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves Kicks Off on May 3rd

Halo Infinite developer, 343 Industries has announced details of its upcoming second season which it’s calling “Lone Wolves” and will begin on May 3rd as the team previously promised a month ago in a blog post.

As a part of the announcement, the developer has released a trailer showcasing a slice of the game’s new maps – the arena map, Catalyst and a Big Team Battle map, Breaker which features a lava pit in certain sections. It isn’t just about the maps as 343 is adding some new modes including the free-for-all elimination mode, Last Spartan Standing and a revised version of King of the Hill known as Land Grab. Season 2 will also add more story including more focus on Commander Agryna, and “story-themed events.”

The developer has also detailed that the upcoming season will add a new battle pass system to the game. This time around the free battle pass track will have more customization options compared to Halo Infinite‘s initial season. As for the premium battle pass, 343 has confirmed players will be able to earn 1,000 CR in the battle pass. Some of the customization awards players can expect in “Lone Wolves” are featured in the trailer which includes a sweet-looking helmet and more.

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves is set to start on May 3rd, 343 has stated co-op through the campaign mode won’t be launching when the new season launches but will be added later sometime in season 2 so maybe it’s not that far away.