Hades 2

Hades 2 Gets Its First Early Access Patch

Dash and Spring get some speedy updates!

Hades 2 has become one of the most-played games on Steam since it hit Early Access this month. In just a few days, it had more concurrent players than the first game at any given time. The hype for Supergiant Games‘ first-ever sequel is through the hell-bent roof!

As the developers are hard at work expanding on content for the game, they’ve used anonymous data from players and community feedback to improve gameplay, UI, and more. This is the game’s first patch.

Before Early Access launched, we got our hands on the Technical Test. You can check out Matt’s time with it in the video below.

As for the current patch notes, let’s take a closer look!

What’s Been Changed and Tweaked in Hades 2

Supergiant has listed quite a few elements that have changed. In my personal experience playing Early Access for about 10 hours, these are welcome ones:

  • Your Sprint is innately faster, and turning is more responsive; re-scaled abilities that boost this
  • You can now Dash out of many attack recovery animations more reliably
  • You now can gather from any resource point once you have unlocked the corresponding Gathering Tool; you now can Prioritize any available Tool in the Training Grounds to make its resources appear as often as before, while resources for Tools you do not Prioritize will appear far less often

Smaller, welcome changes to the menus and UI include:

  • Using a Well of Charon displays your current Gold without the need to check your Boon Info
  • The Grasp Upgrade Tutorial in the Altar of Ashes will repeat if ignored
  • Added Patch Notes option to the Main Menu

Bug Fixes and Some Redacted Notes

Like its award-winning predecessor, Hades 2 has quite a few story beats that will be uncovered the more you play and invest in conversations with those around you. Because of this, the developers have redacted (or blacked out) some elements of the patch notes. So I won’t spoil those here. Instead, here’s some of the none-story or character-based bug fixes and changes that are now live:

  • Entries in the Book of Shadows are generally easier to reveal
  • Updates and fixes to translations in some languages
  • Fixed Sun Worshiper (Apollo), sometimes preventing new foes from spawning
  • Fixed Fire Extinguisher (Hestia) not dealing damage as expected
  • Fixed cases where you could Dash out of bounds in the Crossroads
  • Fixed several issues playing in ultrawide resolutions

You can read the full breakdown and uncover some of the redacted changes in Hades 2 in the patch notes from Supergiant Games on Steam.