Hades 2

Hades 2 Early Access Gets A Launch Window

The Follow Up To The Popular Roguelike Goes Into Early Access in Q2 2024

Supergiant Games gave a new development update for the upcoming Hades 2, including the announcements of a technical test and early access beginning in Q2 of 2024. The technical test will be with a small subset of players, but early access will launch for all on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Supergiant commented on how integral the Early Access period was for Hades, stating, “Early Access was vitally important to the entire idea behind the original Hades — we decided it would be an Early Access game before deciding anything else about it, such as the Underworld setting. We’ve approached the development of Hades 2 knowing Early Access will be no less important this time, though now we know a bit more of what to expect from Early Access development and more about what a Hades game needs to be. We believe the timeframe we’re planning for will be the “sweet spot” where the game is far enough along that player feedback won’t mostly consist of stuff we already know isn’t there yet but isn’t so far along that it’s too late in development for us to act on the feedback we receive.”

Hades 2 was unveiled at last year’s Game Awards and is heavily anticipated. Are you going to be jumping into Early Access with Hades 2? You can wishlist it now on Steam or the Epic Games Store.