Gundam Evolution

Gundam Evolution Will End Service In November

After less than a year, Bandai Namco announced that Gundam Evolution will end service on November 29.

The free-to-play first-person multiplayer title landed on Steam in September 2022, with console ports later in November 2022.

“It is with great sadness that we are announcing the conclusion of Gundam Evolution,” executive producer Kazuya Maruyama stated. “We wanted to create a title that brought first-person shooter fans and Gundam fans together. We challenged ourselves to create an authentic Gundam first-person shooter game that could be played globally. Unfortunately, we have determined that it is no longer possible for us to provide a service that satisfies our players.”

Fans shouldn’t stop playing just yet though as Bandai Namco said that updates for Season 6 will continue, with a new update landing on August 26 and adding two maps and a Gundam unit. Then in October, the final season will add yet another map and Gundam unit.

Additionally, fans are encouraged to tune in for “Mission Briefing Final,” a final live stream airing on July 21 at 2 AM ET.

On July 26 at 9 PM ET, Bandai Namco is ending sales for EVO Coins, EC Pod Limited, EC Pods, CAP Pods, and Ticket Pods. EVO Coins in players’ possession will be usable until the end of service but no refunds will be made available.

After July 26, the developers will create opportunities for players to earn Capital Points through login bonuses, events, and campaigns.