Gunbrella Launches September 13

Doinksoft and Devolver Digital will launch Gunbrella on September 13, 2023, for Switch and PC. If you pre-order now, you’ll be entitled to a copy of Gato Roboto.

From our preview of Gunbrella:

After a brutal discovery, you’re quickly the umbrella-wielding protagonist searching for answers. Getting to know and helping residents while they lead you down (presumably) stinky sewers and through hideouts that lead you steps away from ghouls and cultists. The vibe and setting of Gunbrella are realized through a grungy film grain aesthetic. Lots of browns, greys, and blacks, all splashed with red as you mow down enemies in your path.

The gameplay plays like a 2D twin-stick shooter with fun traversal elements. It felt tight and dynamic as I was wall-jumping, boosting myself with the umbrella, firing the shotgun, or tossing a grenade at various baddies. After a couple of less-than-successful attempts, I got a feel for how the game flowed, and from then on, it all felt natural. Moments later, I plotted my attacks on the fly as the fast-paced action continued from screen to screen.

Gunbrella will cost $19.49.