Your Guide To Becoming A Master Gamer

Everyone who plays video games wants to be the best. It’s why we all play them, after all. But the reality is that it takes a long time to become a genuine ‘Master’ – or even to turn pro and start making some money from your hobby.

However, there are a few things you can do to help you become a better gamer, and get you further down the line towards that Master title. Maybe you could even end up earning some coin from your passion?Here are a few ideas you can use to sharpen your skills, flex your reflexes, and start getting better at your favorite titles.

Stop cheating

First and foremost, stop entering cheat codes or looking for naughty patches for all your favorite games. You’re only cheating yourself, despite the fact that you are beating off much of the competition. The reality is that most games are progressive in nature, and you get better the more you play them. If you miss out on the hard work and self-training involved, you won’t be as good a player -it’s as simple as that.


Start competing

It’s easy to pit yourself against worse players and always come out on top. But it won’t challenge you. Sure, everyone loves winning at computer games, but you learn more when getting beaten than you do wiping the floor with the competition. So, take on the big boys and girls wherever possible, watch them, and learn from them. It will stand you in good stead for a faster rate of progression.

Invest in the best

You won’t need us to tell you about the advantages of having a super fast rig for playing games. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the $2-3000 it might take to get a fantastic system. However, there are other areas of investment you can consider that should help you get better, faster. A good PC gaming desk and high-quality controllers can make a surprising amount of difference. And a good monitor screen can improve what you are seeing on the field of play by a significant amount.


Take a break

Don’t spend every waking hour trying to improve your skills – your brain can only take in so much at a time. Yes, muscle memory is an important aspect of gaming, but given the intricacies of modern titles, you also need to allow things to settle into your mind, too. So, make sure you are taking regular breaks from your gaming sessions – at least once every couple of hours. You’ll find that things like map recall and navigation will greatly improve as a result.


Focus more

Finally, give yourself the opportunity to get better by adding more focus on your experience. Take your time to involve yourself in the environment you are playing in, and don’t rush through – there will be learning opportunities everywhere. Struggling to retain focus? Don’t be afraid to have a cup of coffee or two, providing it’s not too late in the evening, of course. Caffeine can sharpen your reaction times, gives you more energy, and is even thought to improve overall mental function.

Any more suggestions to add? Let us know about them in the comments section below.