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Guerrilla Games Is Working On A Horizon Multiplayer Game

Guerrilla Games is working to expand the world of Horizon by adding in multiplayer elements and from the job postings, wants to create new characters and a new art style.

The news was posted on Twitter, where a listing for the Amsterdam-based studio included several job postings revealing “a new internal team is developing a separate Online Project set in Horizon’s universe.”

The same post further elaborates that this title is “featuring a new cast of characters and a unique stylized look, friends will be able to explore the majestic milds of Horizon together,” confirming more projects from the PlayStation studio.

In October, rumours began to swirl that a Horizon Zero DawnRemaster in addition to a multiplayer project.

Many of the new job postings reveal what the studio is aiming to do, including a Lead World Designer role which would “bring the expanding Horizon universe to a multiplayer audience.” Another job post for a Lead Combat Designer indicates this role works closely with combat designers, animators and various teams to create playable characters and enemies “that focus on exciting combat with cooperative elements.” A Game Writer would “pitch compelling ideas for quests, factions, and backstories.”

While Guerrilla is looking to expand the already massive world of Horizon, single-player fans would not worry about missing out as the same post on Twitter states that the studio is “continuing to create epic solo adventures for Aloy,” with an expansion set to release in April 2023.