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GTA Online’s Biker Update Is Available Now


Starting today, players can access the new Bikers DLC for GTA Online. This update allows players to access a totally new part of the Los Santos criminal underworld, with Motorcycle Clubs popping up all over Los Santos and Blaine County.

Included in this update are:

Motorcycle Clubs: Players can now start and be the president of their very own MC. The player then can add newcomers as Prospects and have them level up in the ranks of the Club.

Clubhouses: Players can choose from 12 different locations all over the map to house their MC Clubhouse. Each clubhouse comes equipped with it’s own bar, activities such as darts or arm wrestling, the option to upgrade to an in-house bike shop, and a meeting room where the president can access the Contracts Wall which contains a number of new freemode missions.

Businesses: You need to do something with all that new money you’re going to be bringing in, why not start a totally legal business? Once your business is up and running, build it up by performing risky supply runs but watch out for for other factions who might take an interest in any unsecured operations.

New Adversary Mode: Slipstream: This new Adversary Mode is also available today. Use other player’s slipstreams for speed boosts as you use melee to try and knock players off their bike all while trying pass the finish line first.

New Vehicles, Guns, Clothes, Tattoos

Lastly, kicking off today until Monday, October 10th is Biker Bonus Week! The week features unlockable rewards and discounts. Log in this week and automatically receive a white Western Logo Tee and Nagasaki Hoodie, and for collectors, get the black Western Logo Tee when you pick up the new Western Nightblade.