Grounded Coming to Xbox Game Preview In July

Today on the April episode of Inside Xbox, Obsidian Entertainment was proud to announce that upcoming survival adventure game Grounded will enter Xbox Game Preview with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam Early Access on July 28, 2020.

During the stream, the studio also revealed a new trailer that focuses on the single-player portion of Grounded and Game Director Adam Brennecke and Social Media Manager, Shyla Schofield were on-hand to talk about the game.

In Grounded, you wake up in a suburban backyard, shrunk to the size of an ant. You hear the voice of a mysterious robot named BURG.L. He seems to know what’s going on and lets you know that the machine to turn you back to normal size is currently out of order. For now, everything in the backyard is trying to kill you and it’s up to you – and up to three friends, if you’re playing co-operative multiplayer – to survive the perilous landscape.

If you’ve watched Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, the scenario may be familiar to you. Normally insects are small and of little mind to you. In Grounded , however, ants, flying insects, and spiders will be around to get you. You’ll need to craft and build bases from items you scavenge in the backyard while searching for life-saving resources to quench your thirst as well as a way to armour your character.