Gris Lauches December 13

Gris is one serene and beautiful looking title and it’s set to launch next month.

Developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital, Gris is a puzzle-platformer and what is being described as a “surreal” coming of age tale.

I will say that this is definitely one gorgeous looking game that I’m excited to see how it turns. After a series of long, story driven titles this season, I’m happy to get into something much easier to digest.

GRIS is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to betternavigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, GRIS will grow emotionally and see her world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using her new abilities.

Gris is out next month for Nintendo Switch and PC.