GRID Wants To Get Your Heart Racing

Codemasters revealed a new trailer for the upcoming reboot of their GRID series. With less a month to go until release, the newest entry is looking might fine and looks to offer a wealth of things to do.

According to the press release, at launch, there will be around 104 events including challenges from Fernando Alonso and his FA Racing eSports team. Then, the GRID World Series, which you’ll get a glimpse of the new AI.

The new AI ranges from “cool” to “aggressive,”  which ties into the Nemesis system being introduced. With this, new rivalries are formed and you’ll have to race clean while dodging your nemesis on each lap.

GRID players have access to four cities, eight circuits with over 80 racing routes. Featuring over 400 AI personalities ranging from calm to aggressive and measured to unpredictable, every race will feel unique and alive.

What makes GRID so exciting? According to game director Chris Smith, “GRID isn’t about a procession of cars. It’s tight overtakes, bumper-to-bumper scrapes and competitive racing action. We want everything including the car to be able to tell a story at the end of the race through its bumps and scrapes. GRID gives players drama, excitement and unique motorsport stories in every race.”

GRID launches on October 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.