Gravity Rush 2 Server Shutdown Delayed By Six Months

Originally set to shut down on January 19, the online servers for Gravity Rush 2 have now been delayed by about six months. If you picked up Gravity Rush 2 during the recent holiday sale like I did, this is exciting news, as I finally got into playing it this past weekend,  and while a wholly enjoyable experience offline, the online portion is fun from what I’ve seen and heard from around the internet.

Sending challenges to other players and sending them out in search of treasure, you can unlock items, costumes and more through the online asynchronous gameplay.

The passionate fanbase for Gravity Rush 2 has done a great job convincing Sony to keep the servers active for some time, even though it’s only six months, this should leave more than enough time to gather the items available online. When the features do finally shut down, players will no longer be able to access the leaderboards, collect treasures and complete challenges.