Granblue Fantasy ReLink Surfaces With New Gameplay

Remember Granblue Fantasy ReLink, the upcoming action-RPG from Cygames? I hope you do because we’ve got some exciting new videos showing the game off and they look really good.

Slated for release next year, the clips introduce the Dragon Knights, who within Granblue Fantasy, extremely popular. There are four Knights you need to know about: Lancelot, Vane, Percival, and Siegfried – all hailing from the Kingdom of Feendrache.

There’s a ton to watch and the new trailers give us a good look at what to expect. However, there is no release date at the moment for GrandBlue Fantasy ReLink, but the game is confirmed for PlayStation 4. It’s a gorgeous looking title and offers some exciting gameplay from the looks of it. The clips feature a multiplayer co-op with up to four players working together to tackle monsters.

I’m eager to get my hands on this, so hopefully we get confirmation on a date soon.