Granblue Fantasy Re:Link Is JRPG Soul Food

Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link was announced last year. It’s been somewhat quiet on that front from Cygames and Platinum Games, the two developers working on this game. Now, we’ve learned that the game has dropped Project from it’s name and it’s simply called Granblue Fantasy Re:Link.

Granblue Fantasy is a massively popular mobile RPG available in Japan. It’s only gotten bigger and is now expanding into full-fledge console games as well. I’ve been really into this game since hearing about it and have tried to get as much information about it since.

Today, we got a good look at the gameplay. It’s got a lot of the things I like about JRPGs including cheesy action, numbers, and massive bosses that are begging to be defeated by my party. Oh, and some wonderful locations that you can only find in Japanese games.



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