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What Games Can Learn From Other Industries

Which flexible payment methods used by sports betting companies should consoles think about adding?

Gaming is a huge industry that has been growing at a steady pace for many years now. There are of course multiple factors that have driven this rise. As well as the enduring popularity of video gaming on consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, there are more ways than ever to game in the modern world.

Online casino gaming is a great example, and eSports also offers a different take on gaming than playing video games on your own.

Another reason behind gaming’s growth has been the way it has continually innovated to stay relevant. Consoles offering their devotees the ability to enjoy games online is a good example of this in recent years.

The companies that produce gaming consoles are always looking for new ways to move forward and new features to wow players with, and it’s not surprising that they might look to other industries for inspiration. The flexible payment options that sports betting companies offer could be the next innovation for consoles.

But which popular payment methods at sportsbooks could also work well for consoles and why could this be key moving forward?

Flexible console payment methods bonus for players

When people bet at a sportsbook, they need to first deposit cash to wager with, and then they need to be able to withdraw their winnings afterwards. Sportsbooks quickly realized that they could offer a much better experience to players and appeal to a bigger audience if they offered a good range of secure, flexible payment options.

Modern console gaming can also involve cash, with players buying new games online to download, making in-game purchases, and paying for custom game content to enjoy. So console gamers also need secure, convenient payment options to use.

At the moment though, the range on offer is not that great when you compare it to the choice at online sportsbooks. For this reason, a lot of gamers believe that consoles should take a leaf from sportsbooks to offer the same number of handy options for payment. While new games like Gran Turismo 7 are key to the sector’s growth, console gaming cannot rely on this alone to stay relevant.

What flexible payment options could console borrow from sportsbooks?

 When it comes to gaming consoles, the two major players are PlayStation and Xbox. While they offer credit/debit card, PayPal, and mobile payments as options when purchasing content for games, this is generally as far as it goes for now. But what other options commonly used by sportsbooks could consoles also offer?

Many people would simply argue that the range of e-wallets that console players can use should be extended. Most sportsbooks carry multiple e-wallets for bettors to choose from (such as Skrill and Neteller), rather than just PayPal. This would give gamers a lot more choice in how they pay and allow them to use the e-wallet that they prefer.

What other payment methods could console take from sports betting?

Another option that we are starting to see at some online sportsbooks that consoles could borrow is cryptocurrency. While this payment method is pretty new to online betting and is not yet offered at all sportsbooks, its use is cetainly increasing.

Consoles could take inspiration from this and decide to let gamers make purchases with digital money. Not only would this keep gaming on the cutting edge but it would also offer a fast and secure method of payment with low transaction fees.

Perhaps the last popular payment method sportsbooks use which consoles could borrow is pre-paid cards. While PlayStation does take Paysafecard at the moment, both they and Xbox could accept a wider range of these cards. As these cards come pre-loaded with cash, using them is a good way for players to stay on top of their spending when playing.

Consoles could learn a lot from sports betting companies

 The sports betting industry is massive right now. The legalization of sports betting in many US states has helped this, as has the range of safe online sportsbooks to gamble at. One thing which many people love about using these sportsbooks is the variety of payment methods they carry.

As console gaming companies look to move forward, this is something many believe they should be looking at as well. As more and more gamers start to buy games online or make in-game purchases, offering more ways to pay for them in a safe, flexible manner seems to be a no-brainer.