Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7’s State of Play Detailed

PlayStation has us revved up now! In case you haven’t left the starting line yet, they gave us our first look at Gran Turismo 7 running on the PlayStation 5 in the form of a 30-minute State of Play highlighting a few of the high-octane games modes we can expect to take for a test drive very soon.

Music Rally

The game starts with Music Rally. In the presentation, we saw a Porsche Carrera Speedster ’56 charging through the countryside on a time limit. I don’t know about you, but I got major Forza Horizon vibes with an included time limit. And frankly, I’m here for it!

Brett Elston Senior Manager, Content Communications, says that Music Rally will feel familiar if you’ve played an arcade racer. For new players and those tied to tuning, this is also a way to experience GT’s driving simulation gameplay, as well as an opportunity to set your steering and pedal operation type and driving assist presets (Auto Brakes, Braking Zones, Driving Lines, etc.).

Purchasing Cars in Gran Turismo 7

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We then got a look at the resort-themed World Map and a pretty legit-looking car catalogue for purchasing new rides. Move over Auto Trader Because it looks like there’s a new publication in town! You use in-game credits to purchase a used car in this case and from there, head to your Garage then head to the Café.



Let’s move on to the new Gran Turismo Café. The Café. is where you get the “Menu Books” — lists of activities to complete in order to unlock new cars and all kinds of other goodies. The first Menu Book shown during today’s State of Play requires the player to acquire three Japanese compact cards. In the scenario shown, the player owns one but needs to win the other two in races found in the Menu Book.


License Center

Through your world racing travels you’ll need to obtain a number of licenses. So naturally, that’s where the License Center comes in! Think of it as accelerated drivers ed. You’ll learn real-life driving skills that will get you from last to first, and earn licenses along the way.



When you’ve got a few cars in your Garage, it’s time to tune them up. All the pros know how to talk to their cars and hear the melody of great driving. So learning the art of tuning is essential to helping your cars sing! As you acquire new cars, you will build up your Collector Level, and unlock the Club Sports later in the Tuning Shop.

The Café Menu will guide you to new areas and modes, helping you build up your car collection as you gain the licensing and money to build a collection.

This is just the tip of the engine block, though. There’s so much more to unlock and master in Gran Turismo 7, which is racing onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 4th, 2022. Those who haven’t got a PlayStation 5 yet, can get a digital upgrade when they purchase the 25th Anniversary Edition.