Grab Your Very Own Aku Aku Mask

Growing up with Crash Bandicoot was fun, really fun! I loved when Crash would unlock Aku Aku and use the mask as a safety net, allowing me the room to make a mistake and not feel too bad about it, and I really loved the design that came with unlocking the mask.

Given Crash Bandicoot came out so long ago, it’s nice to see a resurgence of the character and his wackiness.

First 4 Figures have revealed this wonderful rendition of the Aku Aku mask to purchase, the company also created a very lifelike version of Majora’s Mask, which was creepy as all hell, too.

There are a couple versions available to pre-order, the regular version or the golden Aku Aku mask, or you can purchase a combo which the regular and the golden Aku Aku mask for $900 CAD or you can purchase one for around $500.