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Dead Rising 3” has some new downloadable content, and boy is it something else. Styled “Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha,” it’s an expansion of the “Dead Rising 3” universe, starring characters Nick, Annie, Chuck, and Frank… sort of. See, characters in “Super Ultra…” are actually cosplayers, dressed in various outfits from the history of other Capcom titles, from “Rival Schools” to “Street Fighter” to “Dino Crisis.” When the characters wear a given costume, they get, more or less, the powers associated with that particular character. So, in costume as Chun-Li from “Street Fighter II,” Annie gets her famous Flash Kick, whereas dressing up as Mayor Mike Haggar from “Final Fight” yields his timeless 360 spinning punch.

The point of all this is to team up with up to three buddies and go kick some zombie ass. Levels range from straight-up zombie swatting, to vehicle races, to hostage rescues, to boss fights. Missions generally come strung together in a series, with players scored against each other based on achievements, and and also as a team. Power-ups and weapons abound, and players can build their personal power-up bars by killing zombies, unleashing their special moves once the bar is charged up.

Sounds awesome right? Well, how about the soundtrack to this wicked add-on being available FOR FREE. Just Click HERE.

“Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha” was announced and released during E3 2014. It is available now for $9.99 – but of course you need to own “Dead Rising 3,” too.

The Console Creatures (James, Rainbow, Kimmie and Kelsey) have been all over this. Check out some of their live stream sessions.

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