Gotham Knights Red Hood

Gotham Knights Puts Red Hood In The Spotlight

WB Montreal has given us another singular look at a member of the Bat-Family — this time, with one hell of a badass look at Jason Todd, AKA Red Hood, who will go to hell and back to see through on the purpose Bruce Wayne gave him.

In the first look at Red Hood, who joins Gotham Knights as an enforcer, we get an extended trailer detailing his moveset, Alternate Arkhamverse Red Hood appears to have given up his grudge with his late mentor for getting the second Robin killed. However, he still struggles with some mystical ramifications of being a reanimated product of a Lazarus Pit.

Fans struggled with these powers as they complained in the past about his moveset, including mystical hops and a mystical bullet-steering ability. But they’ve since moved on to being mad that Alternate Arkhamverse Redhood appears to be more of a buff himbo than his mainline or comic book counterparts.

This trailer should assuage any fears that Red Hood is anything other than badass!