Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Launches This October

WB Games Montreal has finally given us a release date for the delayed Gotham Knights, a game originally set to launch last year. In a tweet today, the studio confirmed the date for when you and your friends can team up and save Gotham.

Last year, the decision to delay the latest Batman game was made and while the developers were disappointed they would be releasing the game, they promised the extra time was to deliver “the best possible experience for players.”

Rumours swirled earlier this week that Gotham Knights would be released this April after an image from a retail store had a box with a date attached. It seems to counter the rumours, WB Games Montreal got ahead of that rumour mill and confirmed that on October 25, 2022, their highly-anticipated game will launch.

The last time we saw anything related to the project was back in October 2021, when a new trailer showcased the Batfamily going toe to toe with the Court of Owls.