Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Debuts Nightwing Trailer

As part of today’s Summer Game Fest, WB Games Montreal delivered a brand new trailer for October’s Gotham Knights.

With Batman out of the picture, it is up to the Batfamily to step in and protect Gotham City. Focusing on the first Robin — Dick Grayson — Nightwing is an acrobatic master and offers a unique moveset when battling enemies. In the video below we see his use of elemental damage in addition to using his escrima sticks and wrist darts.

What stood out though was the use of his glider, the Flying Trapeze and his parkour abilities. Not to be forgotten, the game will include co-op for two players and the ability to drop in and out of the game.

Gotham Knights stars Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood in their fight to protect the world in the wake of Batman’s death. The game has seen a turbulent development cycle with the game being delayed from last year to October 25, 2022.