Gotham Knights

New Gotham Knights Video Shows The Human Side Of Batman Family

WB Montreal is today giving us a big ol’ slice of Batman Family drama with their latest look into the young adult crime-fighting collective that serves as the playable characters for their upcoming Gotham Knights game. 

Today’s trailer introduces some of the more creative and narrative developers on the WB Montreal team and focuses on how they worked with motion capture and their own take on deep DC comics lore to craft something like 40 unique “Belfry Moments.” These are cutscenes playing out in the daytime hours spent inside the Knights’ iconic comic book base of operations. 

And then there are lots on today’s largest reveal: Alfred Pennyworth! 

Gotham’s greatest butler is going to be Gotham’s greatest grandpa figure for the team. WB Montreal has given him the full Vincent Price but has obviously taken great care in preserving the humanity that has always been shown of one of the few truly grounded individuals in Gotham. 

I have to say that I am also really intrigued by how much the team is hyping up different characters handling and interacting in different ways. Here, we learn more about how each character’s looks translate to the style of how they carry themselves, which is something I’m skeptical of. I really want to see if characters act out scenes differently or if they just handle them differently in fighting. Say a reverse of Kassandra and Alexios in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, where both handled the same in fighting, but Casandra was a totally different character when it came to interaction with the world and her mo-cap work. 

Alfred will have a lot of bandaging to do when the Gotham Knights take the streets on October 21, 2022.