Google Stadia Now Available on iPhone, iPad

Rejoice, fellow iOS users, for Google Stadia is now available on iPhone and iPad via the Safari web browser!

I’ve been waiting for a proper way to test this on my iPhone for some time now – I’ve been in the Apple ecosystem for a long time and do not own an Android device, so my hands-on time with Stadia has been minimal, to say the least.


However, it looks like Google has found a way to circumvent the archaic regulations Apple has on apps within the AppStore, Microsoft has had a rough go of trying to get xCloud on iOS devices with Apple making it difficult at every turn. However, this looks like it is no longer an issue as Safari allows subscribers to access Stadia via the web browser. Apple is known for its notorious outdated AppStore policies which prevent apps like Stadia and xCloud to be allowed on the platform.

It took just over a year to get to this point and as someone who has not been impressed by Stadia, I’m open to seeing how things fare from here. I’ve subscribed to the Pro tier and have a few games lined up and purchased, now it’s about testing how well the service works on my phone since on PC it’s been an impressive bit of magic on Chrome.