Google Stadia Is Coming, Are You Ready?

Earlier today, Google took to the stage at GDC and announced its new gaming initiative, the Stadia platform, and brought on stage companies like Ubisoft and id Software.

Here is where the tech giant revealed Stadia and all the features that come built-in. Google is after Sony and Microsoft with their newest technology, and current Google executive (and former Xbox/Sony) Phil Harrison was onstage to detail the platform.

Harrison confirmed that Stadia runs at 4K and 60 frames per second, and this is all done through Google’s network. As you stream, any device with Chromecast built-in works. Google is aiming to eventually get their platform running at 8K and 120+ frames per second. Stadia is also more powerful than the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4, combined.

stadia 2

The guided demo featured a user playing on a laptop, before moving to his device and picking up right where he left off. From there, he logged onto his PC and kept his save file going, eventually ending up a tablet. Everything was seamless and simple.

What Harrison didn’t touch on was the internet speed a user needs in order to get the full capability of Stadia, any many presenters were mum about the topic. This could likely affect single and multiplayer titles.

Also, while there is no price set or release date set for Stadia, we do know that’s coming to the US, Canada, UK, and Europe first.

We’re told that more details should be ready for the summer with more publishers on board and some launch titles as well.

The biggest piece of tech featured was the new Stadia controller. Google wants its controller working on PC, TV, desktops, laptop, and more. Also, there is no console tied to the controller, instead using Wi-fi that is linked directly to the game running in Google’s data center. Also, you’ll see a Capture button, a built-in Goolge Assistant button with built-in mic. stadia 1