Goodnight Universe

Before Your Eyes Spiritual Follow Up Goodnight Universe Announced

Skybound Games and Nice Dream have revealed Goodnight Universe, the spiritual follow-up to Before Your Eyes.

Goodnight Universe is a narrative adventure game where you play as Isaac, a six-month-old baby developing psychic abilities. Isaac’s primary desire is to be loved and accepted by his family, but a secretive tech corporation wants to take him for their purposes. Goodnight Universe features an innovative face-tracking mode, which uses camera-based technology to provide an immersive experience.


“The success of Before Your Eyes showed us that there is an audience of like-minded people out there who seek out games to emotionally engage them in ways other mediums simply can’t,” said Parkes. “We founded Nice Dream Games to continue to make games for that audience, which push the limits of what interactive storytelling can do.”


In our review of Nice Dream’s previous title, Before Your Eyes, I said it “actively engages the player to feel and work through their emotions in a heart-wrenching tale about life. Benjamin’s story has an eclectic cast and familiar energies that resonate with the player in incredible moments that ultimately pay off. Utilizing the PS VR2’s eye-tracking in such a unique way makes this port the optimal way to experience this distinctive tale.”