God of War on PlayStation

God Of War’s Sales Number Prove Single-Player Isn’t Dead

The NPD revealed its monthly stats for the month of June in the U.S. market, and boy do they say something great about single-player titles.

Via Matt Piscatella, we learned that Sony Santa Monica Studio’s God of War soft reboot has sold exceedingly well. How well? Within the first few days of release in April, the game sold a whopping 3.1 million copies, and went on to sell five million copies by the end of its first month. An analyst group by the name of SuperData, estimates that digital sales for the title in one month, is around $131 million USD.

Sony hasn’t revealed exact numbers, but confirmed that the game has exceeded expectations significantly. In the month of June, the only game to outsell God of War, was Mario Tennis Aces. Speaking to IGN, Matt Piscatella went on to confirm that not only was Kratos’ latest adventure the fastest-selling exclusive for PlayStation 4, but it was the fastest-selling in the entire history of the brand, which was until recently, a title held by The Last of Us.

These numbers are wondeful proof that single-player games are not dead, but in fact, thriving in an industry where everything is oversaturated with Battle Royale titles, and games that have little heart.  The emphasis should be placed in storytelling, this is what drives me to make my purchases, and what will continue to help me make the choice.