God of War on PlayStation

God Of War Will Release On April 20

Sony revealed the release date of the highly anticipated God of War sequel on the PlayStation Blog.  The semi-reboot of the series will arrive on April 20, yes you read that right.

Sony Santa Monica Studios and director Cory Balrog have worked hard on reinvigorating the series, something that was sorely needed after both God of War 3 and God of War Ascension. Hearing how Balrog had to reinvent the series to even get this game made makes it all the more important that this one does well.

With the release date, we also got a story trailer, which has a ton of clues to piece together what will happen during the game. Taking out the Greek mythology for a Norse inspired story is genius, and what has been incorporated from what we’ve seen, has been exciting.

I’d suggest avoiding the trailer if you want to avoid spoilers, it has some heavy plot points inside.