God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarök Accessibility Features Revealed

Mila Pavlin, lead UX designer at Santa Monica Studio took to the PlayStation Blog to reveal several new key accessibility features that will be available in God of War Ragnarök.

“Not only have we redesigned our UI to allow for more flexibility and readability, but we have also rebuilt controller remapping from the ground up and added more customization to our combat and interaction systems,” says Pavlin. “We have retained all our accessibility features from 2018’s God of War and expanded upon them to include more than 60 ways to adjust the gameplay to best suit your style and needs.”

When the game came to PC earlier this year, the studio added features to make the game accessible. New features include changing subtitles and captions including coloured subtitles, show speaker names, and more.

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Text Icon and Size have been improved to better acclimate players sitting on a couch further away. UI icons scale as well so you’ll be able to see everything to make your experience smooth.

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Controller Remapping allows you to make the ideal controller setup. Pavlin says there will be a wide range of presets available and individual buttons can be swapped, too.

High Contrast Mode will allow you to apply colours to in-game objects, enemies, characters and items.

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The studio is also adding Navigation Assist, giving players the option to orient their view to the compass objective via a button press. Traversal Assistance will automate gap jumping, vaulting, and more. Asssistance+ will add similar features to climbing, crawling and more. Audio Cues will play sounds to on-screen prompts to you can know when something important is nearby.

A lot of the features shown today may be familiar if you’ve played The Last of Us Part 2 — many of the same accessibility choices were a welcome addition in 2020.